Why do you Create, What you Create?

When I was young is was into sewing. I made everything, coats, suits, all my dresses for every dance at school, everyday clothes, just about everything.

When it came time to decide what I wanted to study in college I choose fashion. After college went on to work in a variety of fashion jobs, including sales, management, assistant buyer, and personal shopper. I worked with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, men's wear, even electronics.

Then one day I decided I wanted to really get into fashion and I moved to New York. Well, when I got to New York I only worked in fashion briefly and ended up working in the diamond district with jewelry for several years.

When I moved back to the Midwest, I was at a loss for what to do. So I got a job in sales and started making jewelry for fun.

I enjoyed making jewelry, after the first class I ever took making earrings, I went out and bought all the tools, beads, and findings, and I could not stop making jewelry.

Ever since that first class I taught myself many techniques from beading to wire wrapping and silversmithing. I took classes along the way to perfect my skills. I haven't stopped making jewelry since I started, about 12 years ago.

I love working with metal, taking a flat sheet and a spool of wire and creating something beautiful that people want to wear. I need to create, and creating jewelry satisfies that need.

What's your creative story? Why do you create, what you create?

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  1. I have to say that I create because I must! I go through months and months of confinement during the summer due to Multiple Sclerosis. (8 months last year...The heat lasts forever in Florida) I would create regardless of the confinement but as I'm inside day after day, creative art becomes a fantastic outlet... It's like I can breathe and whenever I finish a project it seems to act like a wonderful pressure valve. Sometimes creating becomes almost manic because the need to relieve the 'pressure' is often very strong.

    I love art because I love art... but it becomes so much more... almost medicinal in a way. And the internet (blogs in particular :) is a great tool as well to keep in touch with the outside world :) Besides my wire art I am having a great time right now creating mini-books using past artworks, poems and writings. I have been abundantly and graciously blessed to have such interesting and fun creative outlets... Art is Wonderful!! :)

  2. I saw you on the etsy forums and I'm so glad I stopped by- what a great post! I love to know why people make what they make and to hear about the creation process.

    I'm a printmaker by education, but I work with fiber and textiles now. I love process, so my work is very process-oriented. I think that's a lot of why I've chosen to work with hand-dyeing, batik, shibori, and quilting. I love to watch all of the little steps add up into a finished piece, whether it's fabric yardage, a tea towel, or a quilt.

  3. I create because I love to do it - I love working with my hands and seeing/enjoying the finished product. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to "make stuff." I cook, bake, make hair accessories, jewelry, and anything else I feel is within my skill set.

    Also, I want to work for myself doing something I love, so I also create in order to get myself closer to that dream!

  4. So glad to meet you through Creative Bloggers! I started oil painting when I was 6, learned huck-weaving from a neighbor, started sewing at age 11-12. Worked my way through grad school at a Minnesota Fabrics where I could make clothes as model garments then take them home to wear! I am a mother, professional musician/music educator and have always turned to crafting to gain perspective and sanity....

  5. Oh! forgot to tell you I've subscribed to your blog!


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