Be Inspired

Words to Inspire

“A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many Thoughts.”
Donna A. Favors

Idea to Inspire

Try to spend a day working with only black and white.

Photo's to Inspire

black and white meets cross processing by marcel.sauer.de

Week #8 theme: black & White Amy Smiffy

Black and White 1 by Jim Keaton

Inspiration can come from anywhere, I hope today's post inspires you to find a new idea.

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  1. Love the post & I love black & white...so refreshing to give your eyes a break from color!

  2. Black and white can be quite stunning. It is also interesting to try to literally stick to black and white and stay away from all those gray tones in the middle. A totally different look!

  3. Happy Wednesday to you! Great pics :)

  4. Beautiful pictures... great post

  5. I get inspired from random things - it may be a photo, an advertisement, clothing or fabric, art, nature, the light falling on something... inspiration is everywhere if you open your eyes to see it!


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