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This past week I started a new series called Check This Out... it's a way for all of us to get to know each other and our business. It will be posted every week on Thursday or Friday. Take a moment and participate. Each week someone from the comments will be featured in Sunday's post. If you know anyone who would like to participate, please share the link.

I also had a guest blogger who shared her inspiring story in the Artist Inspiration Series. Thanks again Laura from MABJewelry for inspiring us with your beautiful jewelry.

Next week I will start Creative Book of the Week, I will share books I've read and inspired me. I will also take suggestions, so if you have a book that has really inspired you and you want to share just leave me the title and author in the comments and I will add it to the list. The book will be on the right side bar all week, so check it out.


I am excited to share my new collection coming soon! A few new pieces will be available in my Etsy shop starting this week.
Hardware in Bloom

What do you think?
Have a great week!

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  1. What a great new collection! It's the perfect thing for spring.

  2. I love the pieces!
    I would love to participate...and host it on my blog also!
    my blog: http://alterityart.blogspot.com
    my shop: alterity.etsy.com

  3. Ooooo....I've got a boatload of these books, but my inspiring creative book pick of the moment has to be Bent, Bound And Stitched: Collage, Cards And Jewelry With A Twist by Giuseppina Cirincione.

    Participation? If we our allowed to throw our own names into the hat, then I would love to!
    Blog: http://simplyinvitingcards.com/blog


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