Seven Ways for Creativity to Flourish

1. Have a creative space - Size does not matter as long as it has what you need to be creative

2. Find creative peers - We need other people around us that share our insight, ideas, and to encourage us.

3. Seek creative inspiration - There are many ways to be inspired books, magazines, blogs, art galleries, find what works for you and use it often.

4. Expand your creative edge - Push yourself to solve problems, expand your boundaries, try new things.

5. Strive for stability - Being an artist we live in uncertainty, so that's why it is important to have it in your life at home, relationships, and family. You may not have it all the time, but it is worth working for.

6. Find time - This is sometimes the hardest to get, but for your art to thrive you need to schedule your creative time. The house work will still be there in an hour, take some time for yourself.

7. Believe in yourself - Believe in yourself and your ability to create, without it you will give up before you start.

These are simple needs, but they are worth striving for to have a fulfilling creative life and to grow as an artist.

Have some more ideas share them in the comments section.
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