Creativity Boost

Do you need a creativity boost?

Take time to loosen up and laugh more.

Do you laugh everyday? Did you know that a little laugh could help you loosen up and experience creativity in a new way.

Try these ideas to get a few laughs in your day.

  • Read comics

  • Sing in the shower

  • Wear a crazy shirt

  • See a funny movie

  • Act like a child for an hour

  • build a fort

  • get out the crayons and color

This is a small list to get you started. I am sure you can come up with a list of ideas of your own. Sometimes life can be challenging and a little humor often gives us permission for more "out of the box" thinking. Boost your creativity, laugh today!

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  1. You have a good point. The pressures we put on ourselves daily can really bring you down or bring your blood pressure UP, lol. Thanks for the reminder...off to go be childish ;)

  2. What fun and a great subject! I hope you will follow me also . Your jewelry is unique.

  3. I have crayons and I color on a fairly regular basis. It is relaxing. WHat do I color??? Sometimes I just trace my hand and make it into stripes! Then I hang it on the refrigerator. LOL

  4. The other night when I needed a really good laugh, I watched Kathy Griffin's "Life on the D-List". I love her and she ALWAYS makes me laugh. I saw her live in NYC a lonnnng time ago when she was first starting out and I don't think I EVER laughed so hard in my life!


  5. i could really go for a huge laugh right now. might have to pop on a funny movie when i get home.

    *great ab workout too - hahaha*

  6. great post! love it! I laugh everyday!

  7. In a time where laughing is a very hard thing to do, this is an excellent reminder!

  8. great list - i always find that taking a long walk in the park or a trip to the country helps me out, too.

  9. Great post! Playing with my kids leaves me so creatively drained and super-charged at the same time. It's nuts!

  10. wonderful ideas!!

    we played with sidewalk chalk yesterday, so much fun!

  11. Isn't it fascinating how creativity and good spirits are connected. You want to be successful? Be happy :<) lol

    Thank you for the reminder!


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