Business Tip Tuesday - Buy Now

We all create items to sell, we take the time to take clear and wonderful photo's, we list the items in our shops, write descriptive descriptions, and then we wait for them to sell.

We know that people put off making decisions whenever possible, we do it ourselves. We have worked hard promoting to get them to look at our shops, so why not encourage them to make a purchase.

You have to give people a reason to BUY NOW.

When you write your description or your title let them know if it is a one of a kind, or a limited edition. Offer a limited number of pieces on a listing, design pieces that you will only offer during certain times of the year.

All of these ideas will encourage your customers to consider adding that extra piece, to purchase sooner, and they will like that only a few people will have the item they purchase. If nothing else maybe it will add a few more sales to your shop.

What do you do to encourage your customers to make a purchase?

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  1. Great ideas!
    When I redo my shops, I'll make sure I add that little bit of advice :D

  2. Great tip!! Didn't even think about that! I'm new to Etsy and every little bit helps.


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