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I love to check out different kinds of blogs. When I read blogs I like to learn something, be inspired, or be entertained. If it's a blog I especially enjoy I make comments and become part of the community.

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite places to check out when I am online. You can also check out the list on did on Tuesday of business blogs I read on a regular basis. The blogs on this list offer something different for everyone, so I hope you find a few sites you can enjoy as much as I do.

Try Handmade - a great site with featured artist, there is a chat section, a gallery section, and an expo to find artists. This is one of my favorites and I check it out almost everyday, definitely worth a peek.

Alamode Stuff - Besides the fact that she makes beautiful handbags and accessories, her blog is fun to read and full of inspiration.

Creature Comforts - This blog is full of beautiful photos, and featured items.

The Craft Begins - This blog has some wonderfully different photo's and is full of inspiration. She creates inspirations boards with photo's and her color choices and posts them every week.

Laurel Plum Online - This blog is all about organizing, decluttering, simplifying, and having fun. There is always something useful to help make your house a home.

Diary of a Young Designer - A younger perspective on today's fashion.

The Coveted - Original fashion designs are featured and lots of fashion talk, fun to check out.

Independent Fashion Bloggers - This is a great site if you are looking for fashion blogs. It's a member site and there are 100's to choose from. Each week they do a list of the best blog posts for the week and they also talk a little bit about the business of blogging.

Funky Finds - Artist Features, weekly giveaways, and lots of cool stuff to find online.

Tip Junkie - This blog is full of tips for your home, parties, events as well as craft projects, giveaways and more. It is easy to get caught up checking out everything.

This is a small list of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tell me, what's your favorite blog?
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  1. interesting links! I'll finish looking at them tomorrow :) thanks for the links, is interesting cause there're too many blogs and its not easy to find interesting ones sometimes


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