Sweet Sixteen

Friday 3/27 my little girl turned 16! I can't believe have fast the time went, and my once little girl can drive now.

This weekend turned into a sweet 16 weekend. For the first time since she started school spring break was late enough for her to have her birthday during school. She was thrilled and of course the queen for the day. That night she lets us take her out to dinner, and the restaurant created a menu just for her.

Saturday was an all day party (after we cleaned of course). Friends came over, we had a pizza and cake, and then everyone went skating, and then a sleep over with lots of very loud Rock Band.
Now that's it Sunday and everyone has gone home I think the party is over.

Oh, to be 16 again.

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1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to the lucky 16 year old. My daughter is 15, and I find I am starting to worry about the time she will move away and leave me in a house of boys! Glad you all had a great day.



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