Fashion & Jewelry 2009 Trends

As the season changes spring trends are on every one's mind.

This week I did a blog post with hot trends for the season from Esty artists - check out Accessory Style.

I also found some great information on how trends get started and a list of sites to check out for more fashion information - check out Who Started that Trend?.

Well I found another great blog post with all the jewelry trends for the season - check out Spring/Summer 2009 Jewelry Trends from the Jewelry Artisan Market Place on 1000 Markets.

With all this trend information we should all be prepared to look our best this spring and summer.

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  1. Those are great links. Thanks. I wish I was the trend setter everyone was following. But, alas, the midwest isn't really the place for blooming trends!


  2. Hey great links thanks so much for sharing!


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