From Idea to Reality - Design Development

Design development should resemble a voyage of discovery. On that voyage you will discover a distinct direction for your product development, materials you want to work with, and relevant concepts to build on.

There are three basic elements to developing your design:

Identifying the question

Here are a few examples of questions you might want to start with...
What do you want to create?
What is the message you want to send?
What shapes should I work with?

Thinking Laterally

This one took me a long time to figure out, but basically it means to look at something and seeing past the obvious.

• Try this exercise - Take a common object like scissors, tools, or even a cork screw and start drawing it. As you go through the process change each drawing as you go, make it narrow, wide, do different directions, just draw it parts changing the shapes as you go, put it back together in different way. This will help open up your mind to looking at things differently and seeing all the potential inspiration around you.

Consider your Elements

Here is the basic design checklist of essential elements you should consider during your design development.

Shape - Is it appropriate for your concept? Is the scale right for visual balance?

Form - Have you considered the piece from all angles?

Texture - What finish should your piece have?

Color - What does the color need to achieve?

The 5 senses - How can you make your piece to engage them?

Function - Will the piece be able to perform the function you want it to?

Materials - Are they suitable for your design?

Process - What will you need to do to create your piece? Will it be cost effective?

These are simple ideas. If you incorporate them into your process when you are creating, it will save you time and make the process of taking your idea and turning it into reality.
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