Hardware Adventures

Two hours is the time I spent in the hardware store on my last visit, and in those 2 hours I discovered some great new finds.

I found washers in different colors

Inspiration for the texture I added to these black washers

Who knew rubber could be so cool

Every time I go to the hardware store I find something new and this year I plan to create jewelry and accessories with more unexpected items, find new ways to add texture, and watch out this spring color is coming!
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  1. Your jewelry is so unique and gorgeous! How cool your supplies come from the hardware store.

  2. Love your jewelry. Where did you find black washers? They are really neat looking. I love to use lock washers in some of my designs. (As you should be able to tell from my avatar!) Did you etch the black ones you posted in this blog or did you hammer these? I see a lot of people etching them. I've never tried myself. I've only etched copper. I'm not sure if you can do stainless steel or not?! You have a lovely etsy shop BTW!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. The black washers came that way, and I don't know what they do to make them black. Stop back again I hope to start etching the washers soon.

  4. Very, Very unique! Great creative work!


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