Embrace The Process

When I taught art classes to kids they were always so enjoyable to watch. Kids create what makes them happy, and express themselves without any thought of how their masterpiece will turnout.

We lose that freedom to express ourselves as we get older. Our art becomes a process, we become concerned if people like what we create, making a grade, or worrying if it will sell.

This especially is an issue when we experiment with a new medium or try new techniques. I enjoy the process of painting and creating collage, but I am not very good at either. I always want the finished product to look like it does in my head and I never spend enough time enjoying the creative process.

In order to truly express our artistic selves we need to permit ourselves to create without the worry of being evaluated.

Try sitting down and working with a medium you have never tried and just create. Don't worry about what it will look like or if it turns out just right, just create for the purpose of expressing yourself.

This is a great way to get out of a creative slump, or if you need a break from a big project to rejuvenate your creative well.

Do some creative playing, try some new techniques, use colors you don't normally use, experiment with new materials, let your exploration be the process and your completed project be the byproduct.

How often do you work in a new medium or stretch yourself creatively?
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  1. Thanks to Pinterest I've tried lots and lots of new things. Most I've enjoyed....but there are quite a few 'one of a kind' things I've done because I've sworn 'never again'. I love altered art and that's the one medium I'm always afraid I'm doing wrong.

  2. That is a great idea. Sometimes we are too critical and demand perfection, so we stick to what we're good at and never explore alternate avenues. Perhaps by taking a different path we might discover new sights, new vistas perhaps even find a new craft or art that we really enjoy.

  3. I had the opportunity to do this when making my first clock recently. I really enjoyed trying different techniques and putting different pieces together until I liked the final result. It was fun to make something for myself :)


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