When Was the Last Time You Checked Out the Person You Admire?

We all have that one person who's business or craft we want to emulate. That person who is succeeding in their chosen craft and making money doing what they love.

Who do you admire?

When was the last time you checked out their website, viewed their new work, or followed up on their social media sites?

When you admire someones work or achievements follow them. Read things they post, get inspired from their new work, and learn from their ideas.

Learning new things is required to stay on top of what you do. Learning from the person you admire and know is succeeding, will get you a little closer to what you want to achieve.

Start following the work of the person you admire most, and implement there ideas in your own business.

Have you implemented new ideas into your creative business lately?
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  1. So far I follow everyone I admire. Their work is all so amazing. Wraps circles around mine! There are some truly talented people out there.

    1. JoJo, you are one of those truly talented people!

  2. So funny that this was posted today, when I came to check in with your blog (because I admire you). =0) You always have encouraging words to share, and I always love visiting.

  3. I have a handful of people in my line of business that I greatly admire and follow. One in particular actually was the catalyst for starting my business in the first place :)

  4. It is great advice Valerie - now if I could just decide what it is that I truly, truly want to devote myself to doing. :)


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