Who Needs a Vacation? I DO!

It has been a long long long cold winter here in the Chicagoland area. I am really tired of the snow and the cold, this is the first year since we moved to this area that we have had mountains of snow in the backyard.

All of this cold weather has inspired me to start saving for our next vacation.

It is a great time of year to put a little money aside. Every time you have a sale pull out $5, $10, or even $20 of your sale price.

Planning a vacation and starting to save for it, will encourage you to  work your business and get  more sales. Before you know it you will have a nice little chunk of change saved for your next getaway. 

Need a little more encouragement, start searching for a place to take your next vacation or weekend getaway, and create a Pinterest board with photos to keep you inspired.

Where are you planning on taking a vacation this year?
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  1. A tropical beach looks SO inviting, but if I am able to take a vacation in 2014, it will be to CO, NH, or AZ to visit grandkids. I do plan to go to a cousins reunion in SD this summer.

  2. we have piles of the stuff at our house too! with icicles (which mean ice dams)! so very tired of the white stuff. I did start my 'day dream' board on pinterest (aka my bucket list!)

  3. We don't have any plans. Over and above being broke, I have dog issues that prevent me from going anywhere. One is a senior with terrible separation anxiety issues, and she doesn't adapt well to boarding. She needs to go out a couple times in the middle of the night or else I wake up to puddles in the kitchen, so having a pet sitter come by during the day is out of the question and I don't trust anyone to stay here while we're gone. My German shepherd is more adaptable and could be boarded no problem.

  4. someday, we will plan a vacation again.....someday.....
    a beach would be nice, warm weather and sunshine.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of snow. We're planning a trip to Denver in September. It's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

  6. The winter is so blah! I never thought I would be so grumpy but I am…and I do want to go to a place where is a beach…but no money. Gotta save!

  7. Now is definitely a great time to be thinking about a nice warm sunny vacation. :)

  8. I hear that! Although we haven't got huge amounts of snow in MA this winter, the temperatures have bee brutal!!! I'm really hoping to be living somewhere like these places pictured soon. Bring on the palm trees!


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