Production Work is a Necessary Part of a Creative Business

I like creating jewelry this time of year. There is no rush to get items created for shows and holiday orders, and I can just be creative and make a variety of new pieces.

I have been doing a lot of that lately, as I am starting to put together pieces for my new Limited Edition collection. Here is a sneak peek at some of my new pieces.

Pearl and Hardware Pendant
Pearl and Hardware Earrings
Crystal and Pearl Choker
Here are a couple of pieces that are not listed in my Etsy shop yet.

As much as I enjoy creating new pieces I still have to work on building up my inventory for when things pick up later this year.

Production work is not my favorite things to do, but a necessary part of my business. I have several, as I'm sure you do, pieces that are good sellers that I need to keep a good stock of throughout the year.

I have started mixing it up this year, I create a new piece and then I do a couple of my production pieces. This way I still get to have fun creating, while building up my inventory. If I stick to this schedule I should have a nice inventory for show season.

How do you handle your production work?
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  1. My jewelry shops are closed now, but this was always my "creative" time of year, too. In fact, I was just working on my taxes yesterday and it was really funny to reconcile receipts from early spring, because it made me seem like a shopaholic. Haha.

    My production work was still made-to-order most of the time, because I catered to a lot of brides and I never knew what color somebody would want.

  2. Lovely creative pieces...I love the circle and pearl pendant! This time of year my fabric shoppe is super busy, so there's almost no time left for my other businesses...

  3. Your new pieces are gorgeous Valerie. I love the asymmetry in the necklaces. My favorite times are when I get to experiment with new pieces. It is relaxing and fun! I hope your new pieces end up being successful production pieces. With my production pieces I make a new one when I sell one. Sometimes it gets crazy staying on top of it!

  4. I love those hardware pieces. What a great idea for jewelry! I don't mind production as long as it's varied with lots of different beads. I gave up seed bead work because one earring would take so long that I would get bored and not make it's mate.

  5. I love pearls, so I adore your new pieces! I hope it's a successful line for you.

  6. I love that you are adding pearls to your jewelry, that's so cool! I tend to make one of something so I can photograph it, and then not make another until it's sold... but I'm trying to change my ways! Stock up! Be more prepared! :) LOL

  7. I love your new work!! Stunning! My production work suffers during tax season, as I struggle just to keep pace with orders for existing listings.
    I have some new items cut out, and many more in the planning stages.
    Perhaps I'll have a creative spurt after April 15 -- in time for graduations and Mother's Day.

  8. I was just memorized by your first picture, and had to come check it out. And I guess I haven't been here for awhile, but you got a new layout! I like it.

  9. I love the mix of jewels with the hardware! The first pendant is so great!
    I try to do the same thing. I try to work in new pieces in between custom orders to mix things up a bit. Now if I just had time to photograph and list new things!

  10. these are so cute! I have a few items that are staples but I'm always trying to make new things.

  11. i am a freelance graphic designer (www.kelliejdesigns.com) and an online etsy boutique owner (www.kelliejdesignsboutiq.etsy.com). my passions are fashion, advertising, crafts and my sam! i am a versatile person with my influences consisting of my french heritage background, my love for audrey hepburn, country life, urban city life, paris, nyc and the eras of the 20s thru the 70s!! c'est une bon vie! god bless


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