Get the Passion Back

As we work our businesses, things can get stale and unexciting about all the tasks involved in getting things done.

How would you like to put the passion back into your business?

In honor of Valentines Day here are 5 ways to revive the passion for your business.

Appreciate your customers
Give them free samples, share a coupon code just because, retweet one of there tweets, mention them in social media. All simple ideas to inspire you and get your customer excited about your product again.

Take a risk
Design a new collection, create new packaging, create a new offer for your customers, is there a service you can provide to get new customers?

Get networking
Find new people to connect with for your business and to build your customer base. Become part of a non-profit, attend a conference or event in your area. This is a great way to revive your desire for your business, and you learn new strategies, and of course meet lots of new people.

Invest in yourself
Do something just for you. By investing in things you want or need it will make it easier to spend time doing all the things you love about running your creative business.

Look to the future
As we spend our days working on our business we lose site of the big picture. Is your business living up to your personal goals? Reviewing your goals often can give you the boost you need to feel the passion for your business.

What do you do to get the passion back?
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  1. awesome ideas valerie! i love the thought of doing something for others to get inspired and passionate!

  2. This is so on target for me right now, thank you so much for always keeping me on my toes with my thoughts Valerie! xoxo

  3. this is perfect timing...I needed this little spark to get the passion going again. Thanks for the great tips. I have done a giveaway in the past and it really got me going....maybe it is time again......

  4. You are so right! I used to showcase my customer's creations made with my fabrics on my blog...but looks like most of them are too shy. So I need to think of something new!

  5. Visiting new blogs works for me. I get inspired by others living with passion!


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