Attitude Makes a Difference

Your attitude effects every part of your business, relationships, health, self-image, and life.

Would you be surprised to know that there are more then two kinds of attitudes, besides positive and negative. There are actually many different type of attitude, such as confident or insecure, cheerful or depressed, peaceful or destructive, appreciative or ungrateful are just a few examples.

All of these attitudes are reflected through the tone of your voice, expression on your face, body language, and how you relate to and treat others.

You attitude affects how people see you and in most cases deciding whether they are going to like you or even want to do business with you. 

I have done many art shows that were slow and everyone complained. When you have all that negativity around you it makes it challenging to have a good show. I try not to get sucked in to the negativity at shows, and most of the time I have pretty good shows.

Customers can feel the negativity at shows and then they don't want to look or even buy. Negative comments are felt by your customers as well. That's why I stopped hanging out in the forums. A lot of the time it was very negative, making it challenging to to be excited about having an online shop.

One thing that I vowed to myself this year is to respond to the question "how are you?" with good or great and smile. I figured even on the days I don't have a good attitude it will help me get in a better mood. So far it has worked. I have not had that many days where I feel negative, and most of the time I actually feel good.

Having a positive attitude is a choice, and completely within your control. Making good positive choices will make a big difference in how you feel about your work, health, relationships, and life.

Dose your attitude effect your work?
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1 comment:

  1. The two holiday shows I did last year had a few people with sour looks on their faces. I try to be cheerful but I am so shy and it's hard for me to promote my stuff.


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