7 Simple Steps to Become More Disciplined

Achieving our goals requires many factors, but one really important factor, that we don't talk about much, is discipline.

I struggle with this often. Lately it has been challenging to get my day started and to stay on track. I am good about creating a plan and using my to-do list, but once I get ready to start my day I get distracted and deviate from my plan.

Having discipline and sticking to your plan is important to reaching your goals, but can be the difficult to do consistently.

If you struggle with discipline as well, here are 7 ways to develop discipline into your work life.

• Make a personal commitment. Become a do-it now person, doing the things you know you should be doing. 

• Focus on your goals. Review your goals every morning before you start working, this will inspire you to take action.

• Do what you don't want to do first. Block out time in your day for those things you don't enjoy, such as accounting. Getting them out of the way will make the rest of your work, the work you really want to do, more enjoyable.

• Make the decision to get things done in advance. If you have a big project plan it out even before you get out of bed. When you get up add your action steps to your to-do list and start your day with a plan.

• Make it a Routine. For those things you have to take care of daily, weekly, or monthly schedule them for the same day of the week and same time of the day. Knowing they are already on you calendar will make it easier to get them done.

• Get an accountability partner. Do you have someone in your life with a common goal? If so hold each other accountable to get things done.

• Reward yourself. When you do things that require discipline reward yourself for getting them done and for sticking to your plan.

Having discipline in all areas of your life yields many rewards, such as increased productivity, more confidence, and motivation to reach your goals. 

Try a few of these steps for a week and see the difference a little discipline will make in your work life.

Do you feel you are disciplined when it comes to your business?
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  1. Great ideas!! I'm pretty good at staying on track, but sometimes I'll get sidetracked and then it's so hard to get back my focus. I find the best solution for me is little rewards/breaks. Sometimes even a 5 minute break browsing Pinterest is enough to make me feel like I can get back to studying. (which for me is where all my focus has to lie these days!)

  2. Awesome guidelines! I try to do those unpleasant tasks in the morning. The day is so much better when there isn't something you dread needing to be done. One thing that really keeps me disciplined is shutting the computer down for a couple of hours at a time. Otherwise I'm too distracted, wanting to check my e-mails, orders and such!

  3. Great tips. I especially like the one about doing what you don't want to do first and saving the fun stuff for last --- sort of like the dessert on the daily TO DO LIST menu.

  4. I try to do what I like least to get it out of the way, but I tend to procrastinate getting started on it! These are great tips!

  5. I KNEW I wasn't the only one who struggled with distractions! ;)
    Lists are so helpful!
    These other tips are ones I need to start using....
    thanks Valerie

  6. I'm fairly disciplined in my life as a whole, but not at all about my business.

  7. I love these tips. Especially the one that says, "make it routine." That's a great one!

  8. It has never worked for me to have an accountability partner but I love doing the tough stuff first! Wonderful tips.

  9. this is some really good advice! we all have those things we just don't want to do, but know we should or must do.

  10. What great tips to get started NOW! I should take a review about my goals! I think I'm pretty far from what the goal is! Eek!


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