Who Keeps You Accountable?

As an entrepreneurs you have to hold yourselves accountable for getting your work done and achieving your goals. You also take care of all the nuts and bolts of your business like accounting, marketing, and all the creating.

When things get tough, or challenging to complete it can be easy to put those things that are not enjoyable on the back burner, because no one is going to tell you that you have to take care of it now.

Here are three tips to make yourself more accountable and guide you to achieving your goals:

Decide what you need to accomplish - Set you priorities and your objectives

Write everything down - write down your goals and your action steps or tasks. This gets you ideas out of your head and helps you get them into action.

Tell three people - This makes your plan real and motivates you to follow through.

Set completion dates - When you know what your tasks are and when you want them done you are more likely to do them.

Now you have a plan that will make you work to reach your goal. 

Try this: Create 3 goals for your holiday sales. Write them down and create a plan, tell a few people about them to help hold you accountable, and give yourself dates to achieve them as motivation.

This is the perfect way to start your holiday season, and be accountable for achieving your sales goals.

Have you set your goals for the holiday season?

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  1. My only goal this holiday season is to try and get through it. I have a craft show this Sat. and 2 the weekend of 11/23 & 11/24.

  2. The way I go about it is to deal with the tough stuff before doing what I love: creating :) I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, if I know there is business that needs to be done at a certain time!

  3. Deadlines help me with the not-so-fun-stuff like taxes. Knowing that they need to be done by a certain date helps keep me on track. I'm so glad I pay them quarterly and not once a year!

  4. This is a good idea, write down 3 goals for the holidays...

    I make lists of things I want to do, and the things I have to do each day go on sticky notes that I stick to the cabinet in the kitchen (because that's where I do a lot of my work) as I get done with each task, I throw the sticky notes away... it helps me stay organized from day to day, and gives me an easy way to see what I need to do, without going back to my computer, where I could easily get side tracked and get sucked away... LOL. xo!

  5. wow, I really SHOULD set some holiday goals. I have been so sidetracked with my other business my online business has been neglected.

    This past week I have tried to list out what I need to get done, the unpleasant and the more pleasant, and set a time limit of how long I will work on each. For the more difficult and unpleasant, that time limit really helps me get it done, because I know it won't be taking me all day to do, and if I don't get it all done, at least I can say I got a lot done with it and can add it to tomorrow's list, with less time allotted for it.

    It has really worked in helping me get my resume done. I dreaded that task, put it off an entire week actually, and with this method I got it finished in 2 days, spending only a few hours on it in total! I thought it would actually take longer. And I am SO glad it is done. What an accomplishment.

    now, off to the other things on my list, as I have a few other unpleasants to get done.

    And I will add holiday goals to that list.

    Thanks Val, great tip.


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