Motivation Monday

Listen to Your Heart

Our world is loud, fast and chaotic.
We need time to pause.
To look around us.
To hear our heart.
It knows things your mind can't understand.
Take time out.
Freeze frame your daily life.
Be open to your heart.
Listen to it.

It's Never Too Late by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. I try best to listen to my heart but sometimes my brain takes control most of the time.

  2. Beautiful! If only I could find that PAUSE button!

  3. Lovely quote and stunning photo!

  4. My poor brain overthinks. :( Love that picture!

  5. This is beautiful Valerie, thank you. ♥

  6. This is always a challenge. It is nice to read this reminder. :)

  7. Lovely picture of a beautiful spot. An ideal place to sit and meditate and watch the wonders of the world, all the while forgetting about those niggling little annoyances that cause us so much stress and frustration.


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