15 Ways to Avoid Burnout

This time of year is all about go go go! You have family obligations, shopping, cleaning, cooking, creating, and running your business.

Accomplishing anything is more difficult if you are running on empty. As you know, you accomplish more when you are rested and not feeling crazed.

Over stimulation and being over scheduled  are a recipe for burnout.

Here are some easy ways to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate during this busy time of year.

1. Take a nap
2. Take a walk
3. Visit a museum
4. Put on some music
5. Write in your journal
6. Take yourself on a date
7. See a lecture or speaker
8. Repair or mend something
9. Go through your inspiration folder
10.Work on a puzzle, do sudoku or a crossword
11.Paint something
12.Watch a funny movie - for a good laugh
13.Find a new trail to take a walk on
14.Enjoy a relaxing bath
15.Visit a park, church, or store you always wanted to visit

Whatever you decide to do take a little time for yourself this season to avoid burnout.

What do you do to avoid burnout during the holidays?
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  1. Burnout usually gets me, but this year I am trying to walk to the post office to mail orders, and listen to music while I sew.

  2. a great list! burn out absolutely arrives right about this time of year ... hopefully you're getting a bit of down time too :)

  3. Great list! I try to do several of these things each week and they really seem to help. Treated myself to a hot bath and cold glass of wine last night :)

  4. I try to take time for myself for sure....I never really got burned out during the holidays b/c my shopping was already done by Halloween.

  5. A nap, a walk, listen to music, space out and do nothing for a while... those always seem to work for me. That and cleaning up my messes so I feel refreshed and ready to keep moving.

    Happy Holidays Valerie, wishing you all the best this season and always!! ♥


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