Fear Can Be Your Friend

As artists fear is a common part of our creative process and business.

Some common fears we have:
thinking our things are not good enough
sharing our story
speaking in public 
reaching out to retail store
seeking wholesale ventures
self promotion

The big thing we fear is having other people judging us personally and creatively, and the really big one, the fear of failure.

An easy way to get past those fears is to know that you are not the only one that feels that way. It is common emotion for most creatives. You just have to take a deep breath and go for it, regardless of the results after making the first step each step after that will get a little easier.

Fear can be your friend.

Use your fears to know that you are learning.  Exploring those new territories, even scary ones, make you more alert to growing and learning.

Fear is also a sign that what you are doing is important. The stuff that is important to you usually has some fear around it, because you care about how it turn out.

When you are in a situation that scares you, accept the fear, take a deep breath, recite a positive affirmation, and go for it!

Fear is part of our process as creative business owners. Don't let it stop you from trying new things and growing your business.

What scares you about growing your business?

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  1. Fear of failure.
    Fear that it will rob every second of precious "quality time" from my life--and I will never ever have a full night's sleep.
    Fear of being perceived as pushy and overbearing.
    Fear of rejection.

  2. I'm not sure what I fear...........probably failure like leann. i definitely don't like being rejected. but i've failed and i've been rejected and i'm still here to tell about it........so what's to fear?

  3. I'm working on (yet) another change right now, and it's scary because I am letting something go without knowing what I'll replace it with. I can only hope I will find what I'm looking for... soon. :)


  4. Everything about it scares me. Esp. being humiliated b/c nothing sells.

  5. I try to face fear head on. I find it a confidence boost when I do something that scares me, be it small or big. When I am afraid of something, I make my brain revert to the day I skydived. After doing that, it feels like I can do anything!

  6. I always worry my business won't grow which is crazy because it's grown since last year. It's not at the pace that I would have liked but it's getting there which is something to hope for.


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