A Simple Idea for Me Time

Some of my best ideas happen when I am out on a walk. Having that time to myself to process ideas and to relax my mind of everyday thoughts is essential to my creative process.

Finding a few minutes to yourself for a quick walk around the block, or an adventure on a nature trail is the perfect way to have some me time.

When you go out for a walk with the idea of having me time and processing ideas, you get to enjoy some time to yourself and you get the added benefit of it being good for you too.

Try taking a walk daily even if it's only for 5 minutes, to clear your mind and enjoy spending time with yourself.

Do you enjoy taking walks?

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  1. I do enjoy taking walks -- but I'm not a rainy day walker.

  2. Walking is the one and only exercise I enjoy, although the hot summer weather kept me indoors for months. I've been getting out a lot lately though. Love walks on the beach best!

  3. Walking has been the greatest de-stresser in my life and I recommend it to anyone, even the most un-stressed people!

  4. well, I used to just walk, but stress and energy made me start running. It may be hard to get out the door, but once I do, I feel so much more balanced when I am done. It definitely helps.

  5. I love walking although I rarely do so these days. It really does clear the head and help me to refocus.


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