Motivation Monday

Think of Others

We're encouraged to think of ourselves, our needs, our desires.
The media, advertisers, and gurus all add to this impetus.
But real satisfaction comes elsewhere.
Genuine growth and priceless enjoyment come from
helping others.
Look where you can help.
Do it with selfless passion.
Enjoy the feeling.

Now is the time... by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. I try to help people as much as possible...I'll always offer even if they don't take me up on it.

  2. So true, thank you for the reminder Valerie!

  3. Wonderful thoughts for today's post. Also, helping others allows a chance for personal growth and learning. You can learn so much from helping someone else. There is always something that someone else can teach you. =0)

  4. My favorite thing about my shop, is that I am helping fellow creators sell their works. I love seeing their faces light up when I tell them their hard work has paid off and they had a sale, or a bunch of sales!
    Some days, that is all that gets me through the day.
    Great reminder.

  5. I try to help someone every day. It may be a nice email, a small bag of food, a scratch on their back and today I sent a snail mail card because I know few small gestures that touch anyone more than a handmade card to cheer them


  6. Beautiful post. There is nothing like that feeling of helping others.

  7. Beautiful thought - it would certainly make this old World a far, far better place. :)


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