Motivation Monday

Custom Photo & Lyric/Quote Print by AugustPark on Etsy

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  1. Great quote! Well I tried to sell some of my stuff by way of my FB page and didn't get a single bite, even though I prefaced it by 'make me an offer'. i'm slinking off, humiliated and about to delete the posts. It was like 'crickets'. Except for a few 'wow you are very creative! love your stuff' comments, not a single person showed the slightest bit of interest. :(

    1. JoJo - I get that all of the time on facebook . . . only I don't get as lucky as to receive the "wow you are very creative - etc" comments. lol Maybe facebook has gotten too over run with people trying to sell or promote their stuff?

    2. It's possible I guess.....there are a lot of people selling stuff on there. But it kills me that I post photos and my friends are all, 'I want that!' and then when I get my act together to sell the stuff, no one speaks up.

  2. So true! Great way to start the week.

  3. Very lovely photography and the quote is a good one to take to heart.

  4. I love the quote!! It's perfect!


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