Do You have a Back Up Plan?

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We all want everything to be perfect, but as we know that's not always the case.

It only takes a few minutes to put a simple plan in place so your business is covered if something happens.

To get your back up plan started, start by making sure someone knows your passwords and can access your online accounts.

I recently read in the Etsy forums about someone who had paid for an item and waited almost 6 weeks with no contact from the shop, and when they checked the shop again it had disappeared. They don't know what happened or if or how they were going to get there money back.

If something happens in your life and you are unable to tend to your online business it is important that your customers don't feel like you abandoned them.

When you are ready to come back and run your business again, you want your customers to still do business with you.

A few other things to consider creating a back up plan for:

• If your computer crashes

• Something happens with your home or car

• If you or someone in your family were sick for several days or weeks

Making a plan now and having everything in place, will give your peace of mind.

Do you have a back up plan in place for your business?

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  1. I need to address this. I always wondered, what if something happens like an accident and I am unable to work. This is not fun to think about, but things can happen!

  2. I hope something like this never happens, but it could, and I think about it all the time... how would anyone know how to put my shop on vacation?? Nevermind my passwords, as they are all scrambled currently.

    Thanks for posting this, it's true we need to have ways to take care of things in times of crisis... xo.

  3. This is something I've discussed with my parents recently. But of course it keeps getting put off. I want my mom to know how to put my shop on vacation mode, how to contact customers, how to issue refunds, etc.
    I should put a generic copy together for others to copy and paste with their info.

  4. oh boy, this is something to think about!

  5. You know this is the thing we always talk about but only partially done, a great reminder, Thank you :) T,

  6. No I don't and I know I need to, not just w/ business but with life.

  7. These are good tips whether you have a business or not. Thanks for sharing this and pushing me in the right direction :).

    Also, those journals are really cute. Good find!

  8. I've thought about this often but know that there really isn't anyone that I can go to and say; "Hey if something happens to me could you please take care of all my online business and presences for me? I have an excel file with all my pertinent information for over 120 different websites . . . ah do you think you could take care of it all for me?" But yes it is something that I worry about and know that I really need to do something about.


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