Motivation Monday

Photo by Ulrich Burkhalter
Starting from scratch is not the 
same as throwing in the towel.
Never quit, but be prepared to 
take a radically different approach 
if you find your current 
approach isn't working.

From 1001 Ways to Success

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  1. Sometimes life does throw a detour in our plans and many times it's easier to find another route than try to fight it. :)

    I'm not familiar with hotlinking either, maybe I can Google it?

  2. JoJo and Anna, I'm not sure what hotlinking is either, but it had something to do with the photo I choose. I changed the photo and it is much better now. :)

  3. Wonderful words for this Monday morning!

  4. This this! Sometimes we need to make changes.

  5. Very smart message here. Thanks Valerie!! ♥

  6. Absolutely stunning picture! I hope to perfect my slow exposure technique so I can get achieve something similar to that (at some point...). As always, a great message to start the week.


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