DIY Friday - Natural Bug Repellent

As much as I like it when it gets warm outside, I really hate the bugs.

Here in the Midwest we have mosquito's that make it difficult to enjoy and evening outside, and a variety of other bugs that always find their way into the house.

Today I found a variety of recipes to mix up natural bug repellent, made with things that won't repel anyone but the bugs.

Fly repellent
Bug repellent balm
"Don't bug me candles"
Bug Spray
Spider repellent
Ant repellent

Do you have a favorite natural bug repellent?

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  1. these are fantastic! I've pinned them to my pinterest so I don't forget to give them a try this summer - thanks!

  2. Very interesting! Here in So Cal our bug population isn't too bad thankfully, but these are really cool!

  3. Wow! Had no idea that cinnamon sticks are good to get rid of pesky ants!

  4. What a great idea to make natural bug repellent!

  5. Ooohhh...This is a good one. I pinned it. =0)

  6. When it comes to products we use, it is most important to be comfortable wearing it on our skin or having it around. Bug repellents are concocted to harm bugs, as if the name didn’t make it obvious, eh. So, if you’re not confident with repellents you see in the market, go natural.


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