DIY Friday - Gifts for Guys

There are so many cool ideas for creating your own gifts. I found some fun ideas for the guys in your life. Need a gift for a guy, give these ideas a try.

Car/Travel Kit
Composition Notebook iPad cover
Etched Glasses
Bicycle Break Clock
Car Wash Kit
BBQ Bucket 

What kind of gifts have you made for a guy in your life?

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  1. I made him '52 reasons why I love you' from a deck of cards and for father's day this year, I made him a small altered book of pics of his kids with him when they were little & pics of him with them taken this year. I hope he likes it.

  2. Great ideas! I always get my dad a gift card to the local garden center since gardening is his hobby. Otherwise I am always clueless what to give him!

  3. I never know what to get my dad since he pretty much has everything he needs... Usually I make him a batch of cookies though, I better get on that soon!

  4. Some wonderful and very practical ideas. The travel kit looks like something any guy could use and would appreciate. Could even see it go into some guys desk drawer for those, "just in case" moments. Thanks for the help as I always find shopping for men so difficult.

  5. those are good .... and I have a tough one to buy for!

  6. The etched glasses are beautiful, and the clock is so unusual.

  7. I just send my dad a handmade card each year. He's a typical man who has everything he wants.
    Of course I love the etched glasses though!


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