Window Shopping Inspiration

Need a little inspiration?  Get a creativity boost by doing a little window shopping.

Check out the shops in your town or on your next getaway. Every store has something to offer, even the store you don't like or would never shop in. Regardless of what you create, you can always get a little inspirations from a cute store window.

As you take your stroll, check out the window displays and the items they have close to the window.
What color are they featuring?
Any shapes that are more popular then others?
What about the textures, can any translate into your craft?

Checking out what is in the windows is not about what they have in the window, but dissecting what you see and getting inspired by the color combinations, and designs.

When I visit a new town I love to window shop. I like to see what other cities and towns are featuring, and what is popular. Yesterday I shared that I always carry a pad of paper and pencil with me wherever I go, so I never forget any of my ideas.

Don't forget your pad of paper so you can jot down your ideas during your window shopping adventure.

Do you do a lot of window shopping?

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  1. I'm not really a fan of window shopping unless I'm already going to be out somewhere for something else. I just hate having to see all these things I'm not going to buy. But.. I do like looking at shoes. I can do that even if I don't plan on buying.

  2. I don't do much shopping and when I do, it's usually to antique/junk shops so I do window shop in those but they don't really feature popular stuff.

  3. I love looking at creative window displays. One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie. They always have the most amazing ideas! Even their store is on the high end, looking at the ideas doesn't cost you anything! :-)

  4. Oh, I love window shopping! Never thought about it bringing me inspiration. =0) Great idea!

  5. I always loved to window shop, it gave me so many ideas and inspirations without costing me a dime. . .especially if I left my checkbook and credit cards at home. :D


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