What Do You Struggle With?

I am always full of big ideas. Well they are always big ideas in my head. 

I have so many things I want to do, and I am obsessed with new ways to make money.

I struggle with sticking with my plan and using my time productivly. I spend a lot of time making lists and creating plans, but I really need to work on follow through and time management.

That is what I am going to spend my summer working on.

What do you struggle with? 
Do you have any thing you want to work on this summer?
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  1. i struggle with asking people if they want to buy my stuff and asking stores if they want to sell my stuff.

  2. I used to make really long lists and scratch the items off as I completed them. It never felt like I was getting things done, so I went to a post-it note size list and then could throw the list away. I still have a list of "what to make", but it's on my iPad so while I sit at the computyer I am not seeing it all day.

    I struggle with finishing projects. I always many things going at once. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I used all the bone beads for necklaces to sell in September. I sat here until there were all used. I felt like I had really accomplished something!



  3. I could have written this post myself, because I am the same way. Full of ideas and always trying to research and plan how I could incorporate them into my business.

    The funny thing is though, that after hitting my 5 year anniversary on Etsy this spring, I started to realize I've spent more time chasing my tail, than building my business...

    I feel more connected to it now, which is weird because nothing has really changed, except that now I accept that I'm doing what I should be doing, because somehow I've ended up here.

    My goal for this summer is to learn to separate 'fun' crafts from business ideas, and let myself create for the joy of creating, rather than constantly looking at new things, as a business opportunity.

    I've learned that instead of always looking for that new big idea, (I'm so with you on always looking for better ways to make money)... I should just be working on making what I already do, bigger and better. :)

    Easier said than done, but somehow I feel more aligned with that now.

  4. I struggle with time management also and I just work and work and work on a project and something its over kill!

  5. Making things without the intention to sell, because I like them is not part of a sensible plan. Also, I don't engage on social media very much (other than my blog) and that is something expected, but still, a struggle.

    I get you on the idea front. I have about 6 things going at any one time and new ideas come and go.

    Best of luck with your summer efficiency plans!

  6. I struggle with a similar issue. I have all of these ideas of different things I want to make that I think will sell and I take forever to actually do it. Parts of it I think I'm afraid it won't come out the way I want it too and it's waste of supplies and the other part is just laziness. My goal for the summer is to make great efforts to create unique items for my shop and actually get them listed.


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!