Immerse Yourself

I am obsessed with learning new things. When I want to learn about a subject I read books, blogs, and websites for the latest information, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and write down pages of notes.

I can get a little crazed about a subject and an idea, to the point that I that I have researched pretty much everything I need to know, and I just need to take the leap and put it into action.

We learn best when we immerse ourselves in to a subject. Each piece of new information you encounter you can learn something new.

Each of these steps will make you experience your subject more effective.

Read - books, blog, magazines, and e-books
Listen - podcasts, audio, and other recordings
Watch - videos of workshops, lectures, and online classes
Do - put the best of the info you learn into action, and always continue to tweak it
Teach - sharing the info you learn with others will make it more meaningful for you

It may take all of these steps for the information to have a impact on you and your work.

Just remember not to let the researching become the most important you do. The doing part is what will get you results, so immerses yourself fully, put what you learn into action, and reap the rewards.

What is your favorite way to learn about a new project you want to start?

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  1. Pinterest or from my rather large and heavy project book. But overall I prefer the one on one of being shown. Sometimes written directions are a little confusing.

  2. I'm like that too when I'm researching or learning something new. I find the total immersion really helps me to retain the new knowledge that I'm taking in.

  3. I spent a couple of hours this week reading on a subject of interest. Found some wonderful information online and some that was not worth the time it took to load the page.

    Sometimes reading others thoughts or perspectives can certainly inspire new thoughts for us



  4. Great post. I tend to get hung up in the research phase. I need to nudge myself to actually implement.

  5. Great steps for learning. I really like the teaching step, because if you're teaching someone else to do it, it helps you learn it that much more.


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