Get More From Your Time

It's so easy to go through your day working on projects and crossing things off our lists, but are you connecting to your future in the form of your vision, dreams, and intentions?

Expanding your awareness of time can make your life more fulfilling, and let you experience everything as you work towards your dream.

Here are some simple ideas for expanding your awareness of time.

For a moment you really want to remember take a moment and check in with all your senses. What do you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel?

As you move through your moments throughout your day, stop and ask yourself, "How might I experience this moment a little deeper? Accept the moment a little more fully?"

It is easy to split your focus and think about other things while you are working on something else. Be in the moment. As you walk in a room take a moment to notice where you are and then begin your task.

There are ways to be creative in everything you do, from doing laundry to cleaning the bathroom. Allow yourself to create in everything you do, and feel gratitude for your creative abilities and all the ways they can be expressed.

The easiest way to experience your time fully is to just stop and take a breath. Simply breathing deeply enhances your perception and grounds you in the moment.

Remember that the time you put into the work is the same no matter what the results. Inserting yourself into the moments will let you experience life, your business, and your art in new ways, and create lasting memories.

How will you expand your time?

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  1. I seemed to have more time when I was working full time than I do now.

  2. I have the opposite problem! I have a tendency to be too focused on time. Sometimes I need to stand back and be in the moment!

  3. Interesting post. I tend to do things and not experience the moment as mentioned here. This is something to work on!

  4. Precious advice, Valerie. I have been a fan of single tasking for a while now. We really need to be present in the moment consciously in order to be creative and happy!