8 Strategies For Getting Things Done

Procrastination is the main reason we don't get thing done.  We like to blame not getting things done on not having enough time, but in reality we are not always using our time wisely.

You can train yourself to procrastinate less and get more done. 

Here are 8 strategies to motivate you when you need to get things done.

Get Fired Up - This strategy works well when your at the end of your rope and have to get something done. Start by thinking about the consequences that can result from putting things off, and then kick yourself in to action.

Get Organized - getting rid of unnecessary clutter makes it easy to stay on task. There is nothing to distract you and keep you from being productive.

Prioritize - When you declare your project a priority you will be more motivated to get it done.

Find Freedom in Routine - It can be liberating to not have to worry about what you are going to do next. Create your to-do list, set time limits, and stick to it.

Get Comfortable - Wear clothes that are comfortable, and have a comfortable work space. Both great motivators for staying on task.

Use Positive Self-Talk - The messages in our head have a great deal of power over our behavior. When negative thoughts pop in your head, change them to a positive thought. The more you do it the easier it will become.

Focus on Dates, not Due Dates -Think of the day your project will end, not as a deadline but as a day you send it, turn it in, or just stop working on your project. Having a due date or deadline will make you feel rushed and unmotivated.

Break Down Your Big Projects - Chipping away at a project with mini action steps will keep you motivated as you work towards your bigger goal.

Breaking the procrastination habit only takes applying this common sense habits to your everyday life. We know they are important to incorporate into our workday, but until you apply them you will struggle with procrastination.

Start small work on one thing at a time until you have mastered it, and then try another idea.

Need a little help keeping track of all the things you need to do daily, print out this to-do list to make planning your day a little easier.

Printable to-do list
These are all steps I need to work on, but I need to put more effort into creating and keeping a routine.

Which strategy do you struggle with?

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  1. Decluttering is on the top of my list. If the weather would cooperate I would be finished already!

  2. Great post! Luckily I'm not usually one to procrastinate, but I especially like the due date paragraph - great ideas!

  3. Prioritizing and todo lists are my biggest helpers for staying on task. And your point about breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones is smart too.

  4. Great post, and thanks for the printable! =0)
    I need to get re-focused on some better organization.

  5. Keeping my work area helps me stay on track. When my desk is cluttered I just don't want to look at it and I end up doing nothing. Whenever I clean up my area and have all of my things laid out neatly I am way more productive.

  6. Its been a week since I had my craft show...and I've yet to put all things back where they belong. Talk about procrastination!! Thank you I need to keep my focus and as you rightly said, break down the big projects and everything will surely fall in place!

  7. I love the to do list you posted... and I do need to work on getting more organized so it's easier to stay on task... great post! ;)


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