An Idea Partner

Last week there was a post to inspire you to create your own cheer squad, and it sounds like pretty much everyone has their squad in place. That's great, because we can always use a little support.

Sometimes you need more specific support, to flush out ideas for your business or art. Finding one person you can go over your ideas with is beneficial for you and your business.

My sister is my idea partner. Anytime I have an idea, she is the first person I call. 

I have been working on Embracing Harmony: 5 Days of Creating ME Moments, and I called her as the idea came to me to help me flush our my ideas and create a plan. We also brainstormed the name together.

For me, just having her to throw out words and ideas inspires me, and gets my creative juices flowing.

Our partnership works well together. I can be a up in the clouds creative person at times, and she is well grounded bringing be back to earth when my ideas get a little crazy.

Some traits you want for your idea partner:
Someone with the same hopes and dreams 
Good chemistry, so you will work well together
Easy to talk to and share ideas

When you find the perfect person, create a working relationship. That way you can inspire, support, and count on each other to work out all you ideas.

Do you have a idea partner?

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  1. I don't have an idea partner for my Etsy shop. I rely on my BBA Team, but there is no one person I can link up to there.

    For my free lance legal research work, my brother is my idea partner. We work well together.

  2. Gulp! My idea partner is my husband! I drive him nuts most times, but being a SAHM, (that is a Stay at HOme Mom) my ideas come up at really odd times. And husband is most times just a call away and somehow he takes it all rather patiently. At time I wish had a girlfriend who would think like me, but unfortunately, I don't.

  3. I am also lucky to have a sister to do this, hurray!


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