Remember Everything

Here is a little tip to help you remember information, learn a new technique, and in the process make your brain a little stronger.

The 3 x 10 technique.

Dr. Douglas Fields a neurologist at the National Institute of Heath who researches memory and learning, discovered that your brain makes a stronger connection to remembering what you are reading, practicing, or mastering something new, to do it 3 times rest for 10 minutes and then do it again.

Do this process as many times as needed until you have mastered what you need to remember.

I use this technique all the time when I need to practice a speech or class notes, and when I try a new technique. I have found if I try something 3 times, take a break and come back to it 3 more times, I figure out the steps I need to take and remember them for next time.

Next time you need to remember something give this technique a try, and in the process make your brain a little stronger!

Would this technique be helpful with anything you need to remember?

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  1. Thanks for this great tip!
    Will try it :)

  2. It would be very helpful; wish I'd known about it when I was in school. Now if I could just remember the technique I'll be all set. ;)

  3. What a great tip! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just learned something new, thank you. Of course now I will have to go through this process just to remember how to go about remembering. :)

  5. Sometimes I need to walk away from things, and then try again too... I'll have to keep this in mind next time! ;)

  6. This actually can work, and it's how I used to study sometimes in school. It's a great learning technique for kids too. =0)

  7. Sounds like a cool technique. My biggest problem is that I multi-task all the time and run on auto pilot. I have to remember I can't always get away with that!

  8. I could have tried this for Algebra and Geometry!

  9. Great tip! Definitely working on my presentation skills, and I have like the worse memory. hehe. Have a happy weekend Valerie! :)


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