Motivation Monday

Give Back

Consider the good things in your life:
family, friends, loved ones, achievements.

We have so much for which we should be grateful. 

Whenever you can, return the favor:
give something back.

Support your community, or school,
or those who helped along the way.

They'll be validated and encouraged.
You'll be gratified.

Now Is the Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. So very true!! And what a gorgeous photo!

  2. Beautiful image and inspiring thoughts.

  3. Yes, my belief is that I should give in order to receive. And indeed the feeling when you do give without expecting anything in return is awesome!

  4. I give a lot of my handmade stuff away in appreciation and I also donate pieces for charity auctions whenever possible.

  5. This is great motivation for Monday and any day of the week. Giving back truly gives you a sense of accomplishment that is priceless. I love community service in all forms! =0)

  6. Blogger ate my earlier comment! I love this picture! It is gorgeous! but your words say it all - great post

  7. Giving back just feels good!! I love that photo!

  8. Wow, stunning image! Great way to start the week.


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