Motivation Monday

                         Source: moonshineandwool.tumblr.com via Barb on Pinterest

Keep Exploring

Life is a journey.
A wonderful odyssey.
But some people just wander around in circles.
Caught in a rut.
Break out.
Try new ways.
New things.
Explore new paths.
Take the mystery tour.

It's Never Too Late... by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. We so often end up walking in circles, as if through a mist or without a guiding star but knowing this is a great first step to exploration!

  2. Early explorers paved the way, great image and message!

  3. Great photo choice for the inspirational words!

  4. Once again, a great way to start out the new week! =0)

  5. I need to do that a lot more- try new things.

  6. I feel like my mind is so open to trying new things lately, that I'm beginning to wonder if my heart is in the right place with what I'm currently doing. It's both exciting and scary to think about, but change has always been welcome in my book, so we shall see! :)

  7. Oh yes, life is indeed a journey! Also, I think one shouldn't take oneself too seriously all the time :)

    p.s will answer your email soonest!