DIY Friday - Nail Art for Spring

There are so many cool designs for nail art this season, and most of them you can easily do yourself. Want to  create your own nail art, these DIY ideas should inspire your own creations.

Add flowers

Ombre nails

With a few supplies from around the house you can create lots of interesting designs.

Click here for a list of ideas

Have you tried any fun nail art?

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  1. Wow! Pretty nail designs! Painted nails are not bad when garden season starts. Sometimes that's the only way to get neat fingers ;)

  2. Love the ombre look! And the tape ideas are cool too!

  3. Loving these ideas! The ombre is super pretty :)

  4. These ideas are so fun! Working with my hands so often, my nails do get neglected. Painting has to be a quick process so I am all about fast drying polishes!

  5. Very pretty! I've never decorated my nails. I am not sure I could use my left hand to paint on my right nails though. Don't think it'd come out too good!


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