DIY Friday - Fun with Ribbons

Ribbon comes in different colors, textures, and sizes, and is the perfect medium for embellishing and giving something old a whole new look. Try a couple of these ideas the next time you want to give something a little extra color and style.

ribbon lampshade 
ribbon flowers
ribbon pillow
ribbon necklace
ribbon collar
ribbon art
What have you created with ribbon?

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  1. Ribbon is great for SO many projects! I love that collar!

  2. I'm intrigued by that ribbon lampshade idea- it may be just what we're looking for in the living room!

  3. I love the lampshade... and those ribbon hearts are just gorgeous! Lovely choices!

  4. The lampshade is so pretty!! Modern yet feminine looking.

  5. So many possibilities! I use ribbon on greeting cards more than anything else these days.

  6. What lovely projects! I've used ribbons on cards so far. Tried making hair clips once ...but didn't turn out great!

  7. Ribbon is like washi tape - so many uses 7 you can never have enough of it. I like that ribbon flowers and the ribbon art.

  8. Such great ideas for ribbon! I always wanted to try ribbon embroidery.

  9. Ribbon is so versatile. Those wall hearts are fabulous!!!

  10. Love the ribbon roses. I used to make small roses using ribbon but back in my teens we didn't have the super wide ribbons that are available now . . . the wide ribbons makes for some impressive posies.


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