Clearing your Creative Well

Creativity has more to do with the elimination of the inessential then with something new.
-Helmut Jahn

As artists we are inspired by the things around us and we spend time learning new techniques and perfecting our craft. Over time as we are filling our creative well it can get to full, making it difficult to organize our ideas.

Creating space within our creative well will help more original ideas grow. 

This process of clearing your mind or creative well can be as simple as cleaning your closet. 
Slowly go through your closet and and start pulling out things you never wear, things that don't fit, and anything that is not your style. Don't forget to go through your shoes and accessories. When you are done pack everything up and take it to a local charity.

This process of elimination helps your mind relax and as you are clearing your closet you are also riding your mind of old ideas.

As those old ideas release, you are now open and ready to cultivated new ideas.

What do you do when you need to clear your mind?
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  1. I love going through and clearing my closet. I also make it a point to remove something if I buy something new. To clear my mind, I clean something! LOL

  2. I already culled everything when I moved nearly 2 years ago and since I loathe clothes shopping, I can't get rid of anything else or I'll be nekkid. My fiance' has more clothes than I do!! When I need to clear my head I go right to the beach and walk and beachcomb. Even if I don't find any glass, I always come home with more rocks, shells and driftwood. The rhythmic sound of the waves really calms me.

  3. I just cleaned out my closet over my winter break & it does feel so good!!

  4. Cleaning your mind of the unimportant may be a daunting task but I have found that cleaning the house helps immensely. With each new organized drawer, a part of my consciousness get cleaned up too!

  5. Amazing how it feels when you've cleaned your closet or dresser drawers. It is indeed a very g o o d feeling!

  6. I am such a purger so cleaning out my closet is never a problem and it rejuvenates me! Clearing my mind feels much more difficult.

  7. I find a daily walk or run is great at clearing my mind. I am most productive right after that, usually getting some of the chores out of the way, then I can concentrate on the rest of the day, and how to add in creating.

  8. I just did a studio clean. It was hard to let go of some of my old materials, but really, if you haven't used them in several years, what good are they taking up space?? It was so therapeutic!

  9. Great advice but I find every time I clean out my closet the clothes I discard suddenly come back into vouge. A dear old aunt once told me, never throw out good, well made garments because fashion (like history) tends to repeat itself. :)

  10. Oops . . . that's supposed to be vogue. Got my fingers transposed. :)

  11. It's about time I cleaned out my closet - thanks for the reminder :)


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