Want to Achieve Your Goals? Be Positive

As 2012 comes to a close, and we start planning for the New Year, being positive about yourself and your business is a great place to start.

In an effort to be more positive, you have to change the way you plan.

When writing down your plans, state everything in the positive: I will make more money, I will have ____ number of sales every month, I will create a new collection.

The sames goes for how you think about yourself and your goals: I am confident, smart, and an effective leader. I will feed my ideas with inspiration that will support my passion.

To effectively make this new positive way of thinking a part of your everyday work life you need to be willing to work hard, and review your goals often.

It's time to stop creating a wish list and create plan you can feel good about!

Are your goals/plans for 2013 stated in the positive?

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  1. I try to state them in the positive!

  2. This is a good tip! I'll have to give it a shot this year and see if it helps motivate me.

  3. Yes, that's so true, our affirmation should be positive if we want them to help us.

    And dreams definitely have to turn to plans, otherwise all dreaming is pointless.


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