The Holiday Season is in Full Swing

The holiday season is upon us, my dad calls this time of year the crazy season. He might be right, we have family events, shopping, and businesses to run, and it can be challenging to not feel a little frazzled.

I will admit this time of year has gotten a little easier for me since I have become an empty nester.

I shop during the week when it's not so busy, I plan out all our family meals so I don't over spend, and I prepare all my shipping supplies and build up my inventory so running my business flows smoothly.

When things don't go as planned I know I just need to step back, take a deep breath, close my eyes, and relax. When I take a moment to myself things seem to work out.

If it gets really crazy, I find that writing down everything I need to do very helpful for clearing my mind and getting me back on track.

What do you do during the crazy season to keep yourself calm and things running smoothly?

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  1. When things get crazy I stop and take a few minutes for myself. I read, take a walk, or have a glass on wine on the terrace. I also shop for gifts all year so we're not short on funds at the end of the year; the only problem with this is remembering who I've already shopped for...memory is the first to go after 40.... :)
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. Same here! I try to be stocked up and as prepared as I can be, but none the less things always get hectic. Nothing wrong with taking a much needed break to clear your mind, and regroup. ;)

  3. You're right that it can be easy to get frazzled this time of year. Last year I did, and I'm determined to plan a little better this year so that doesn't happen. I love Christmas and want to enjoy the whole season. Best of luck to you this year!

  4. I'm a planner by nature, so that usually works in my favor. When it doesn't, I try to just step back and try and come up with a new plan of action.

    I work hours that usually let me be at stores in the less busy times of the day which is awesome!! I can't stand the stores when it's crazy busy.

    I start early too!!

  5. I like to write things down too. Sometimes a handwritten list just makes things better. And it's always helpful to just relax a minute and take a deep breath. With all the craziness that the holiday season brings, it's important to remember that holidays are happy times, and they're to be enjoyed. We can' enjoy it if we're too stressed!


  6. There's no reason to get crazy b/c I don't have kids, my fiance's kids are in their early 20s and we have no one to buy for. We don't even buy for each other. lol I'll decorate. Back in the early 90s when I had a long list of people to buy for, I shopped all year long. Had my cards done & ready to mail by Veterans Day,and all out of state packages mailed before Thanksgiving, leaving Dec. free to decorate and bake goodies for my and my ex-h's offices. Those days were fun but I do like these much more quiet times.

  7. It's easier for me having an empty nest too. It helps me to write down everything that needs to be done and then prioritize the list. If it gets really crazy, I can look at the list and know what I can wait to do or drop from the list.

  8. I have no idea how people manage all that they do during the holiday season! Luckily my family decided a few years ago to stop exchanging gifts and focus on what is important...spending time together (of course the little ones still get presents). It is a huge stress reliever. My house is too small to host so I luck out there! Good luck keeping organized this year. :)

  9. Yes I remember a time when the holidays were truly jammed packed with far too much to do. From baking a ton of cookies to "shop till you drop", to enduring writers cramp from writing a car load of holiday cards and notes (not to mention addressing all the envelops - this was back before our sophisticated computers, pc programs and printers . . . OMG how did we ever survive?). Between the baking and the cleaning, the shopping and the wrapping, and the endless social parties I wonder when we ever had the time to sit and relax.

    But now things are quieter and I watch with amusement as my daughters run through the maze of hectic holiday activities that I once preformed. Guess life is an endless cycle . . . only the technologies have changed. :)