Guys Gift Guide

Shopping for the guys can be a challenge. Today's gift guide showcases some unique handcrafted ideas from some cool shops on Etsy.

1. Men's Dark Brown Distressed Leather Belt by StaghoundLeather
2. Felted scarf by jezek
3. Men's custom made to order bow ties by theHouseofLux
4. Men's fingerless gloves by scocksandmittens
5. Men's timber brown leather wallet and money clip by FatCatLeather
6.  Stand and dock for iphone by icolio
What is your favorite gift to give the guys in your life?

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  1. I used to buy my ex-h lots of books and DVDs, and some fun toys too like remote control zombie, etc. But my fiance' is a trucker and he really doesn't need anything and we are too poor to shop for each other anyway. And he has no time to shop as it is, so we don't exchange gifts. I did, however, make him '52 reasons why I love you' out of a deck of cards. I saw the project on Pinterest. He'll probably be upset that I am giving him something and he won't have anything for me but I don't really want anything to be honest. Unless he wants to take me to a craft store. lmao

  2. Etsy has some really great gifts for guys. All the guys in my life love reading, so they always get a book.

  3. Thanks for the ideas - guys can be hard to shop for!

  4. I really like the leather wallet and money clip. Thanks for some really great ideas!

  5. I love guy gift ideas! There are not enough resources out there on this topic. The outerwear items are beautiful.


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