DIY Friday - A Pretty Table

This Thanksgiving is going to be a quite and simple day with just my husband, daughter, and I. We like to do no traditional menus when it's just us and jazz up the table in a fun way. We are looking forward to having a nice relaxing day together.

Today I have DIY table setting ideas to inspire your own one of a kind ideas.

Paper flowers and candles
Painted Pine Cone
Scrapbook paper napkin holders
Use burlap and flowers
Chalkboard on board for place mats
Burlap table runner and tablescape ideas
Doing something more formal this holiday season here is a diagram for setting the table.

What is your favorite way to decorate your holiday table?

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  1. Love the chalkboard idea! We'll have kids with us at Thanksgiving this year and they'd love that!

  2. These are such pretty ideas. This year it's just my boyfriend and I since we are having so many people over for Christmas.

  3. These are such pretty ideas. This year it's just my boyfriend and I since we are having so many people over for Christmas.

  4. Alas I do not decorate my table for the holidays, as my kitchen table is just a foldout card table. :( We don't entertain or cook at home for the holidays. It was different when I was back in WA w/ my now deceased ex husband; I used a pretty fall themed table cloth and had a flower arrangement, with my pretty wine glasses, and then I'd print out the dinner menu and put it on the table in a clear plastic stand, like a restaurant. But those days are long gone.

  5. I love the first three table settings - simple and elegant!

  6. I envy your quiet Holiday - we will have a houseful! I enjoy it once everyone is here, but get a little stressed in the few days leading up to it.

    I'm actually trying to figure out my tablescape today - I don't want to do exactly what I did last year.

    These are some very interesting and pretty ideas!

  7. I've really been liking the burlap look lately, so I love that idea. I also like the chalkboard placemats. =0)

  8. I do like the burlap idea. I don't do much for the table except add a bouquet of flowers. It works for us!

  9. I love painting pine cones, and the chalk board idea is fun too!

    Have a wonderful relaxing simple, Thanksgiving! :D

  10. Lovely ideas! I'd be curious to hear your menu: the hubs and I are staying in town and cooking just for us too. When we do that, we have still made the big, chaotic meal anyway and it's just way too much food. Wanna cut back, but what can we leave out?

  11. I love simple decor ideas, particularly for a table. That sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving that you have planned.


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