Do You Decorate for Halloween?

Since my daughter left for college, and my husband travels a lot, I don't decorate much since I am home alone most of the time.

Even thou I don't decorate a lot, I love looking at all the cool handmade items their are, so I can get in the spirit of the holiday.

Today's Etsy finds are a fun collection of Halloween decor.

Spider Web Pillow Cover by BubbleGumDish
Orange & Black Wreath by WildRidgeDesign
Dictionary Art Print Sugar Skull Rose by reimagtinationprints
Pumpkin Vinyl Wall Art Decals by EmpireCityStudios
Halloween Decor Wicked Letters Hand Painted by thepatternbag
3 Wire Sugar Skulls Wire Art by RawBoneStudio

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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  1. As you saw on my blog a few posts ago, I did decorate this year after a long period of time of not doing anything. If this was a neighbourhood with children perhaps I would do way more outside, but I only have interior decorations. I am going to try the glow sticks inside paper towel tubes w/ eyes cut in them, on Halloween night as long as it's not raining, just to see if it looks good.

  2. I have never decorated for Halloween inside, unless we were having a party, but as my kids have gotten older even the outside decorations seem to get less & less.

    I want enough that the neighborhood kids know to come trick or treating but not so much to take down when it's all over.

  3. Since Halloween isn't that big over here I'm just sticking with my usual Fall decor plus a couple of "ghost" figurines that I put up on the day for my hubby's sake - he loves Halloween!

  4. I've got four kids, so YES we do decorate - and we always have fun doing it! =)
    These are all great Halloween decorations! Sugar skulls are awesome!
    We usually make little white ghosts to hang from the top of our entryway, and we usually stick some in...of course - the cobwebs. =0)

  5. I love the spider web pillows.

  6. I'm not a halloween fan so I don't decorate. I used to when the kids were growing up and it's one of the few things I was happy to give up when they moved out!
    I really like the wreath!

  7. I used to decorate or carve pumpkins and put up a few decorations, but in recent years I just decorate the front door a few days before the Trick or Treating, just for something fun the kids and the parents see when they ring the bell.

  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday; no family stress, no obligation to visit everyone...so no one feels slighted, and no cooking! We decorate; our neighborhood is known for Halloween fun. We live in one of those neighborhoods where car loads of trick-or-treaters from other neighborhoods visit because of all the decorations. It's a lot of fun.
    Lori in Atlanta

  9. Fun mix of items! Normally I don't decorate for Halloween, but I'm pulling a few things together this year.

  10. Halloween decorations are so fun! I love this wreath since it would look pretty being kept up through Thanksgiving. I don't decorate either but that is because I have 2 feline buddies and I need to keep the house cat proof!


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