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Last week I was invited to be the main speaker at a Chicago Bead Society meeting. I was excited about this opportunity and I had a great time sharing my passion of inspiring artists.

Speaking to groups and teaching is a passion of mine. I don't know if I shared this before, but used to own an art school in my hometown. I used to teach classes all the time, and really enjoyed the process of sharing what I loved to create with others.

Since I started working and selling online, I have not had the opportunity to do much speaking or teaching. After last week I realized how much I miss talking to groups and teaching.

Speaking to groups comes kind of natural to me. I know this is not the case for everyone, but sharing what you love with others is not only rewarding, it can be really good for your business.

Here are a few tips for speaking to a group:

Be well-prepared before speaking to a group - Have an outline of what you want to talk about, but don't write down everything you want to say. If you do you will be tempted to read what you wrote instead of speaking directly to the group

Practice what your going to say - Do this several times. When you are comfortable about what you want to say it makes it easier to speak with ease.

Have a backup, in case you forget what you want to say - Think of some stories you can share about your topic, in case your lose track.

Reduce your fear of the audience - Remember you know more then the audience. They will believe anything you tell them (within reason of course).

Relax yourself just before you speak - Close your eyes, take a deep, breath slowly, and relax. Speaking should be fun, so enjoy yourself!

Speaking or teaching is easy, fun, and a free way to market your business.

You get to share your passion for your medium, meet and network with lots of new people, and share your business cards with a new group of potential customers.  It should be something you consider as part of your marketing plan.

I really enjoyed the opportunity I had to speak last week, I think next year I am going to find a couple of venues for teaching and speaking. I will share with you more tips as I go through the process.

Do you, or have you, or would you like to speak or teach about your medium?
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  1. Sounds like it's something you're energized about, terrific! Didn't know about your school. These are good tips, Valerie. I used to train and teach to small groups and individuals and hold meetings for a day job. Would I do it again? If the opportunity appeared, yes, I would do it again. TFS

  2. What an honor! I didn't know this about you- how cool!

  3. Excellent tips! And congrats on your being the main speaker at such a great event! =0)

  4. I love to teach on a one on one setting. I always have people asking me to teach them how to knit or crochet.

  5. You owned an art school? That's awesome:)
    Although I like teaching (on a one-to-one basis), I don't like speaking in front of groups - thanks for sharing these great tips - I copied them into my notebook in case I'm ever called upon to speak to an audience;-)

  6. Nope. You won't get me near public speaking. The only way I was ever able to do it was from behind a microphone when I used to be a DJ. You knew you had an audience but no one was looking at me. The words and wit flowed. Stick me in a room of people and asked to so much as give a toast and I'm paralyzed. Which is why I won't even be saying written vows at my wedding.

  7. What a great honor!!! I had no idea you used to run an art school. That must have been tons of fun!

    It has been more than 10 years since I have spoken in front of a large group. In my 20s I earned my masters which required tons of presentations and also did a lot of group safety training at my then job. Since it has been so long I think I would freeze up in front of a group now!!!

  8. I would imagine you came across some very talented people as the owner of an art school. I used to be in direct sales, doing home parties, and learned to enjoy speaking in front of a group. It didn't come naturally but once I learned the tips you suggest, it became easier. From there, I went on to leading small groups at church.


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