DIY Friday - Creative Terra Cotta

Some of the best DIY projects are the ones you can create with inexpensive items. Terra cotta pots are easy to find, inexpensive, and offers a variety of colors and shapes. These projects are fun, easy and creative ways to decorate your space.

Painted Pots
Pot Lights

Cake Stand
Wind Chime
Pots wreath
What have you created with a terra cotta pot?
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  1. I've never used terra cotta pots as decoration (or much for planting either since I have a brown thumb). Wouldn't they crack and break as windchimes though?

  2. I would love to paint pots. Love the idea of using them as lamps.! Superb!

  3. I'm a BIG fan of terra cotta, your examples are great. I've used them for a succulent garden on our terrace. It's been so dry here in the south that succulents are about the only thing I can keep alive right now. thanks for sharing!
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. So many ideas. I love the coasters. That would be a really simple project and can be customized so many ways.

  5. Those are some great ideas! This reminds me to be more creative with my deck garden next spring...

  6. Wow, what a great round up! I can't even begin to pick a favorite.

  7. Love the saucer coasters! What a great way to catch all those Summer drips from the heat melting your ice.

  8. What cute ideas. I love the clay pot, wind chimes.

  9. Love the cake stand! Terracotta pots just never go out of style, they just find new lives. x Julie

  10. What fun DIY ideas! I love the windchime and the cake stand :)

  11. Oh, I love those painted terracotta pots and the coasters too! Such lovely ideas - thank you!


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