You and Your Time

Time is passing regardless of how we think about it, and it's a very personal thing that is part of who we are. Time can never be a "thing" that we measure, stop, save, chase, or kill.

What is your relationship with time?

The three states of time - past, present, and future - affect our feelings about time. Our childhood experiences play a large part of how we feel about time today.

For example when I was young my parents were late all the time, and made my sister, brother, and I late for everything. When I was in the second grade I was the lead of our school play and my Mom got me their so late they had to sneak me on stage.

When I became in control of my own time I did not want to be late for anything, so I spent years arriving to everything early. I have become more relaxed about time as I have gotten older, and taken on some of my parents habits of being late, but only sometimes.

The ideas we place on our future time, in forms of our goals, hopes, and dreams effect our present time. When working towards a goal you want to reach it quickly, and you feel like time is passing to slowly. When you spend your time thinking like this, it makes it challenging to fully experience the present moment.

By understanding your relationship with time, and identifying your needs, you become aware of what you need and how you manage your time.

Remember when you are scheduling your time to include:

• Family time
• Dream time
• Creative time
• Nothing time
• Self-care time
• Relationship time
• Private time
• Planning and prep time

Time is personal to each of us, and yet we are all expected  to keep and follow the same chronological time. Releasing our old thinking about time allows us to personalize our time and make it truly our own.

What is your relationship with time?

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  1. It's bittersweet. Not enough when you need more. Too much when you are anxious to get to some point/place. Just the right amount when things are out of sync. All in all, time is a gift not to be wasted.
    Thanks for this post ♥

  2. i'm terminally early for everything. Like 45 minutes to an hour early. i'm often standing at the door jingling my keys waiting for my fiance to tear himself away from the TV. I swear he gets in front of that thing and goes into a trance.

  3. I especially love your inclusion of "dream time" and "nothing time":)

  4. Time changes with age. When we're young it creeps along and waiting for Christmas Day to arrive feels slower than watching a snail make its way across the front lawn.
    As we get older, Christmas seems to arrive faster and faster.

  5. PS - Thank you for your lovely thoughts and good wishes - I sincerely appreciate them. :)

  6. My only problem with time is that I need more of it! But like everyone else, I get 24 hours to work with each day...I try to make each one special :)

  7. There are not enough hours in the day! That being said I just work with what we have so I am a total scheduler and never late for anything! I even schedule my downtime for the night which my brain desperately needs every day!!!

  8. You are so right about the way our childhood influences us, and it's not only in regards to time. I don't like being late, so I try to do my best to be on time or a bit earlier.

    The thing is that in recent years I feel like time is slipping away way too fast...


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