Motivation Monday

                              Source: pixdaus.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Test Your Limits

To find your real capabilities you must push yourself through your comfort zone.

Don't do it recklessly.

Find what you think are your boundaries, then challenge them by degrees.

When you see they're illusions, push harder.

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  1. I love to push the boundaries, but I like how you mentioned not to do it recklessly. Being reckless can turn a great opportunity into a mess in a hurry!

  2. So important! We would never really make much progress forward if we didn't!!

  3. Have a hard time with this. Had to repin that picture though!

  4. Not to do it recklessly, love that!

    Thanks for today's wisdom.

  5. It is important to push that comfort zone on a regular basis!

  6. That's great advice, the photo is amazing ♥

  7. That's a gorgeous image.
    Great idea about challenging boundaries by degrees - makes it less scary :)

  8. wow, nice image.
    I can't remember the last time I was comfortable - every day I do something that is out of my comfort zone it seems...I just know the benefits will come....

  9. Stunning image! I love how you referred to boundaries as illusions. That is so true. I always feel revived when I have pushed through them!


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